Why Dropshipping for the Beginner?

This is the best time to start a business online. Our Dropshipping e-Stores offers you freedom from the routine nine-to-five and puts you in control of your own future. People from all sorts of backgrounds are buying online. COVID-19 shut down everything and forced the world online. Because people were remanded to their homes during pandemic lockdowns, shopping for items had to be done using e-commerce. The market is still young and over 1 billion people will come looking for a product that you might be selling. 

  • Tired of being tired?
  • Your job has become boring?
  • Want to spend more time at home or traveling?
  • Want to spend more time with loved ones?

A Dropshipping e-Store is perfect for you. Why? 

Answer: It offers an opportunity to do business without inventory, overhead, or having to ship anything. 

Here's the skinny on Dropshipping:

You need not stock or make any investments in products. Your store is created for you and automated to sell products. When your customer orders from you, that order is then passed automatically to the supplier, and they handle the shipping. Your products post automatically to display in your online store. If you want to sell different products, or mark up the price higher on one product and lower it on another for a special, this can be done very easily from within your e-Store. All you really need to do is spread the word, do some advertising and marketing on social media and consider a second store. 

Dropshipping is almost 100% Risk Free.

You may need not stock or make any investments in products, but you will still need to pay for domain name & hosting. You will also need to spend money on Facebook and Google ads. This is why your e-Store will be almost 100% Risk Free. 

As you learn more about the business and how to customize your store (we can help you), your sales will begin to increase. Expect that the first few months will be learning and promoting your business. This is why we offer a complete Money Back Guarantee but on the condition that you operate your business for at least one year. After your first year, you will have up to 30 days to request a refund. We will refund everything but your cost of hosting. The only hard part of the business will be learning how to market your store. 

Product presentation is your greatest tool. Learn how to present your products better than your competitors and you will see your products sell out the roof. 

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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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